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Never use two condoms at the same time it may cause the condoms to
come off

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About the scheme


Being a FACT vendor doesn’t just involve us dropping off condoms once a month. We also offer:

Regular training programmes
A FACT network meeting every 4 months
As well as condoms, we can also deliver lubrication, female condoms & dams
The opportunity for publicity through FACT, about who you are and what you do

If you feel that your establishment, and the people visiting it, would benefit from FACT see our ‘contact us page’ and get in touch!

Utilising FACT services

We all love a freebie and they don’t come much better than this!  With FACT bringing you quick and easy access to free condoms, it puts you in control, ensuring you can always protect yourself against STI’s.

If the idea of being able to access free condoms is one that appeals to you and you are eligible under FACT criteria, get on to our vendors page and grab yourself some free protection!

Eligibility criteria
Sex Workers
Men who have sex with men
Drug users
Homeless people
People living with HIV
BME community
People accessing this scheme must also be over 18 & living in Reading 


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