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Keep your condoms handy, if there is a chance that you are going to
have sex, always have a spare

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Condom Facts

Anyone can catch an STI

You can't tell if someone has a STI, just by looking at them

Having a STI puts you at risk of contracting another one

Last year 354,628 new cases of STI's were diagnosed in England

In a survey, nearly half (49%) of adults do not use a condom when with a new sexual partner

Always use a condom and enjoy a safer sex life!


Common Condom Related Myths

MYTH - Condoms break easily

FACT - No they don't. To avoid a condom breaking you need to put it on carefully

MYTH - Condoms make me less sensitive

TRUTH - Using a condom doesn’t have to spoil the moment, they can make some men last longer

MYTH - I am on the pill so do not need condoms

TRUTH - Yes you do. The pill does not protect you or your partner from STIs

MYTH - You don't need a condom for oral sex

TRUTH - Yes you do, you should use a condom for oral sex because many STIs can be passed to each other this way

MYTH - I don't need a condom, i only sleep with nice people

TRUTH - STIs don’t know or care if you’re nice or not

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